Monday, 23 November 2015

1. Business Powerpoint

2. Monetary Business Plan (Jump down to #3 blogpost for consecutive order)

1.Website Design
2. Financial Infrastructure
3. Client Involvement
lIVIN4d "DRD2"
As mentioned, for $88, one can:
1. Order a DNA saliva test kit providing your Genetic Personality Type (which is capable of being a phone app with litmus paper testing capability uploadable to the lab facility directly from your phone with results sent directly to your phone).
2. Get access to full descriptions of personality differences among the 3 unique colored GPTs: (blue Genetic Personality Type, green Genetic Personality Type and orange Genetic Personality Type).
3. Have limited access to (@100 of 100s of tools) located within  lIVIN4d Global Communications Bank's tool box including somatic and experiential  techniques to enhance interpersonal communications applicable to all levels of relation.
[For the capital investor, based on current laboratory fees from DNAgenotek  based in Ontario Canada, there is a $65 profit margin per ordered unit. This profit is based on ordering 600 samples, so the profit yield will further increase with bulk supply). When the litmus paper phone app is implemented into lIVIN4d's business infrastructure, business profit yield for the investor will further increase.
The above mentioned 100 experiential and somatic tools exist at lIVIN4d's GCB and therefore do not deduct from the capital margin.
The lIVIN4d website however needs to be built which is quite an interactive overhaul on the backend as the front end is an interaction based avatar site to be explained below.
lIVIN4d "DRD2"
1. After initial purchase of lIVIN4d's $88, for $9.99 per month, one can have unlimited access to the ever expanding cGPT variances and FOXP2 (+/-) language overlay differences along with descriptions of lIVIN4d's Global Communication Bank's 100s of implentable techniques.
In this same $9.99, s/he can also have access to 20 avatar mainstreamed videos that are approximately 30 seconds in length, equivocating to 50 cents per interpersonal enhancing relational video. For easy viewing, these videos are categorically  arranged based on interpersonal dynamic types and further subdivided by common relational issued topics.
2. There are 8 main sections of the Global Communications Bank designated for different interpersonal categories:
1. Academic
2. Business
[Family Fantasy Friends F'3]
3. Child-Child
4. Child-Adult
5. Adult-Child
6. Family
7. Romantic Relationships
8. Platonic Relationships
3. With lIVIN4d's underpinning structural website set in place, for 9.99 the public will have easy access to pick and choose up to 20 avatar videos to enhance their interpersonal relationships. If further videos wish to be downloaded, they cost 50 cents per video.
If the public (of all ages) wishes to be involved in creating and sharing avatar videos rather than just downloading avatar videos, they are welcomed to engage and even profit from their sharing.
People of all ages will have the ability to showcase their imaginative implementations of interpersonal somatic and experiential techniques through the creation of avatar videos.
These 30 second videos will be created with lIVIN4d's internal avatar system using the main streamed built in avatar tool panel and accompanying voice control. Figures can emulating mothers, children, bosses, animals etc including but not limited to hair styles, clothing, sounds of voices, eye moments, facial expressions, hand gestures, body positioning etc. Conceptually, the idea is to emulate real social situations with a humorous edge to make a point from an outside of self perspective. Then financial gain potential will be described below.
4. There is a "Prop Section," separate from the avatar videos in which elective participants can either create and/or order mailable or printable "props."
As these props are symbolic representations, they can be utilized transcendent of  language throughout the world. On a side note, lIVIN4d's Global communications Bank  has a built in language translator component so it may be globally utilized.  Ideally, while not segregated, there would also be an option to search for videos and props based on countries as each country and religion has its own norms and mores in which individuals connected to those subgroups can more easily relate.
lIVIN4d's GCB props are designed to enhance somatic movement and experiential engagement among people having interpersonal relations in order to:
-Increase dopamine
-Decrease friction associated with talking language
-Keep people on the same playing fields
-Share the same schematic visual imagery attached to shared words
-Keep the "stitches" close among individuals by creating shared storylines 
In order to effectively utilize lIVIN4d's experiential techniques demonstrated in the avatar videos and prop options, it is helpful for one to be familiar with matters of importance and reference points of other. Videos can either be shown, texted or emailed to people in the interpersonal dynamic to make an effective point or the can be re-enacted. lIVIN4d  does recommend personal tailoring of videos to reflect unique  personalities and soma body representations so both the Provider and the Receiver can more easily relate. This mirroring simulation however is not a necessity. Just like any category of life, levels of lIVIN4d's involvement are completely dependent upon personal choice and time investment.
Matters of importance and reference points of self and other are important with respect to utilizing lIVIN4d's avatar creations and props in that these aspects encourage partners to view life through the eyes of "other," hence increasing empathy.  The more one can view perspective from "eyes of other," the more parallel avatar videos and props can be utilized to to make effective points. A little perspective shift and imagining to be in shoes of other, opens the door for a lot of perspective shift and feeling understood from both Provider and Receiver.
When perspective is gained, one can appropriately pick the most appropriate videos and tools for engagement and enhancement of interpersonal relations.
For example, if a relationship has friction and one wants to add humor, he might involve the character R2d2  in order to create a comical reinactment applicable to the frictional situation at hand. The Provider attempting to assuage or ameliorate the friction would not choose an R2d2 reinactment if s/he knew the Receiver had no reference point of Star Wars. All the effort in the world to share perspective with an R2d2 video to someone with no reference point of Star Wars will not be effective.
Similarly, a Provider attempting to bring "stitches" close together within a relationship would not use a baseball analogy or reference point if the Receiver had no awareness of how to play the game. In other words, in order to effectively utilize the tools, videos and props at lIVIN4d's GCB, it is important to have some understanding of the partner's hobbies, backgrounds, interests, family etc.
The more awareness one has of other, the more tailored the experiential tools can be in terms of relating to and fitting the unique personalities nuances further beyond the basic 3 cGPT's  breakdown.
When parents utilize the GPT toolbank  for children, they can access experiential avatar videos  based on books and or movies of age reference. When children utilize the avatar videos and toolbox for parents, they can access experiential avatar videos suggested by other children their age in terms of what worked for them to apply to parents in order to feel understood.
Conceptually apply reference point concept to any interpersonal dynamic. If one is in a business setting and attempting to "drive the message home" that it is important to "keep eyes on the ball," one might bring a baseball to work and "delicately" pitch it to someone while at a business table." This analogy however would not be a good demonstrative technique to use to a group of people who grew up in Africa and play street ball. Somewhat knowing your audience is important in terms of deciding which lIVIN4d's tools will be most effective for your interpersonal dynamic optimization.
It is ok  to not know someone that well and still use lIVIN4d's toolbank as each relationship takes time in getting to know one another. Relationships grow through time and utilization of lIVIN4d's toolbox is part of the getting to know each other process.
Furthermore, there are some interpersonal dynamics in which deeper levels of knowing will not happen. Nothing wrong with the level of intimacy as this is based on personal choice and structure or type of relationship. Typically, one would know a wife or husband much more than a business partner for example.
Some tools may work and others may not. With time, you will be able to more uniquely tailor and use tools that work while eliminating ones that don't. Also, when boredom sets in, one can venture beyond the regular parameters and incorporate a more varied set of tools.
From the avatar and prop perspective, the more somatically engaged our bodies, and the more visuals we externally share, the more present and connected we are to ourselves and within our relationships as it "encourages" us to keep mind body presence and awareness of self and other as well as creating shared schematic attachments.
Without the body involvement, not only is it easy for us to drift off in our own heads but the possible likelihood of our disconnect is great in comparison to the somatic "tie in."
With lIVIN4d's DRD2 section, one can have access to 1000s of avatar videos and props demonstrating  interpersonal somatic ideas.
Props may include items such as a printable police officer badge and gun for someone to represent the idea that someone is being authoritative or commanding. It may be used to represent the idea that it would be a good idea for the non-listener  to stand at attention because serious business is being addressed.
A prop may include an orphan Annie red hair representation print out for a child to demonstrate to his/her parent that she is feeling neglected and on could use some attention as s/he holds a book in hand requesting shared reading.
(3d printers add even more fun to the prop making process in that with technology, people can actually make orphan Annie  hair with the use of plastics)
A collar may be printed in order to demonstrate that someone is feeling too controlled and leashed. A 3d version may also be made if one chooses to invest in a 3d printer. Of course training for these structural configurments is slightly different from the paper print version but it is easily doable. At this point in time, 2015, one can go to the library and take a 3d printing class if one desires. The 3d printing option capability is built into lIVIN4d's website prop making design. 
There are many symbolic avatar examples and props that get the body into motion and share external schematic connection and dopamine. I provided less than a handful to demonstrate the rough picture.
5. The avatar and prop sections of LIVIN4d'S Global Communications Bank is continuosly added to by the public of all ages and ethnic descents keeping it ever evolving and updated.
Continual addition of tools to lIVIN4d's GBC toolbox "keeps us on our toes" so to speak. This expression could even be used as an experiential avatar video to make a statement.
For someone who is constantly wanting to talk/engage, rather than the Receiver saying, "later honey," and turning on the game "later honey" and stirring the cooking pot leaving him/her to be frustrated both in and out of the bedroom, the Receiver may print out some large scaled toes as a prop and put them on his/her feet acting like a ballerina while saying something like, "baby, you sure do keep me on my toes with your talking."
The Receiver gets across the "point," while being humorous to self and other that at the moment s/he doesn't want to talk/engage. The Receiver gets to somatically move a little himself and return to the game or stirring the pot.
The Receiver may add at the end of his "Toe act" that "intermission" will subside in 2 hours or 4 days at which point s/he would like to reingage in "footsie" or engaging with the Provider in a way that s/he is craving. This aspect addresses the setting the x/y parameters.
5. In returning to the Avatar vidoes within the Family Fantasy Friends section of lIVIN4d, from a children's perspective there are many technical assets beyond enhancing interpersonal communication:
1. Creating avatar videos and props increase children's graphic design and computer skills capabilities;
2. It decreases TV and video game hypnotism or Sleeping Brain Syndrome
3. The video and prop creations connect children's imaginative internal dialogue with external representations beyond words thus decreasing internalized and externalized problems mentioned in a previous blog post (anywhere from the Pervasive Developmental Disorder Scale to eating disorders and drug addictions). The more we can internally connect with our external selves and the internal and external of other, the less frequency and severity of personality problems.
Furthermore, with avatar and prop usage with respect to PDD, and other somatic problematic onsets of any form and age (stroke victims etc), the more dexterity somatic involvement, the better for the brain from a neurological connectivity standpoint and a dopamine standpoint.
6. As lIVIN4d compensates for avatar and prop sharing, children (and adults) can benefit from a monetary standpoint. For each created video that is downloaded, 25 cents goes to the creators lIVIN4d's money Bank and 25 cents goes to lIVIN4d. (An investor would have to configure how exactly this works from the beyond 9.99 a month angle . . . It is too much for me).
A weekly,  monthly or bianually  check would be cut and mailed and or transferred to bank account of choice dependent upon various variables including but not limited to: # videos etc).
From a youth standpoint,  entrepreneurial skills are gained, hence setting the future structural tone of work ethic etc.
Work topics demonstrated via lIVIN4d include: Time investment, personal banking, watching of money assets rise, product manifestation etc. Through the use of avatar creations and props  LIVIN4d provides a very comprehensive entrepreneurial work outline which can begin at a very young age.

As previously mentioned beyond the 9.99 monthly 20 downloads, for each avatar creation video that is downloaded, 25 cents goes to creator, 25 cents goes to lIVIN4d.

For each printed prop whether the cost of print is 10 cents or $1 (2d/3d), half the cost goes to the creator and half goes to lIVIN4d.
The creator gets to set price of prop based on what s/he deems valuable (time invested, colors involved of prop, # pages etc).
Adults who wish to participate in avatar and/or prop creation can create a supplemental income and/or even a career out of potential capital gain from download of avatar videos and props.
Lastly, from from a business standpoint, one aspect of LIVIN4d that still needs to addressed is that further personality genes can be tested for additional fees. These genes include but are not limited to the genes referenced in the chromosomal picture of 88 on the power point slide.
On a subsidiary section of lIVIN4d's  comprehensive website, more specialized somatic techniques and avatar videos and props will be available to those having further personality  genetic testing verified. . .  for example if one genetically has the AUTSI gene.
On a basic level and further testing level of lIVIN4d, there can be a component of the lIVIN4d website that is specifically targeted for implementation among and within schools.